The Not Impossible Awards Powered by Avnet 

Honoring the work and stories of those who transform lives with purpose driven technology for the sake of humanity.

The Not Impossible Awards celebrates the inspiring work of people and companies who share Not Impossible’s mission to create innovative technology to improve the well being of others. The Awards focuses on highlighting your achievement and honors your commitment to innovating for the sake of humanity. If you, or your team, are working on a technological solution to address issues of inability and inaccessibility, we want to hear from you.


The Not Impossible Awards recognize disruptive innovation across multiple areas of focus that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Categories are: 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Category - The Connectivity Award sponsored by Avnet - Recognizes and honors technology that connects physical devices to the internet allowing the collection and exchange of data addressing humanitarian problems.
  • Healthcare Category - The Healthcare Breakthrough Award sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield Association - Acknowledges and celebrates top people, platforms and products in the health and medical technology industry.
  • Sustainability Category - The Impact Sustainability Award honors innovative technology that addresses the needs of the present without compromising the wellbeing of future generations.
  • Adaptive and Accessibility Category - Identifies, recognizes and honors technology that enables access to services, experiences and environments regardless of personal abilities or special needs.
  • The Wildcard Category - This is a broad reach category that acknowledges and celebrates a diverse range of technology that aligns with our core mission to inspire good while doing good for humanity.


Each of our five award recipients will receive a short documentary showcasing their technology and the people it helps that will be featured at the Not Impossible Awards show and on social media. Winners will also receive ongoing collaboration and mentorship from industry leaders and experts, along with opportunities to incubate and accelerate their work

The Awards Show embodies the essence of the Not Impossible movement, bringing together the exhilarating energy of a Hollywood awards show, inspirational media and a profound experience that reminds us all why we innovate in the first place.


Winner selection is based on excellence in meeting the award criteria of Concept, Value, Execution, Impact and Creativity:

CONCEPT: Opportunity, Intent, Innovation and Implementation

We are interested in projects that identify absurdities in the world and work to address them through out-of-the-box approaches that often lead to new markets or industries. With your help, we want to understand the journey you and your team are on to develop, innovate, prototype, and implement your solution. 

VALUE: Need, Feasibility, and Accessibility

We are looking for individuals and companies who have taken actionable steps to create disruptive technological solutions with the intent to solve issues of inability and inaccessibility. We want to understand what need your product addresses and in what ways it provides a solution or separates itself from existing solutions. 

EXECUTION: Audience, Reception, and Accomplishments

We find value in knowing our audience and pride ourselves on being able to communicate with them in a way that is both inspiring and impactful. We want to understand the message and story behind your innovation. Who are your consumers and what are some notable ways they have reacted to and/or engaged with your product? If your product has yet to launch, what is your innovation's value proposition and how do you hope your product will be received?

IMPACT: Data, Scalability, and Potential

Not Impossible works with experts from across all industries and skill sets to build meaningful and viable progress towards making a larger impact. Help us understand the potential of your innovation's current and future impact on society and the world through examples of story and data.

CREATIVITY: Originality, Character, and Story

Not Impossible's "help one, help many" philosophy has manifested in our signature ability to reach and impact people at large with the way we tell the stories of the people we support. In addition to concrete examples of your work, we want you to be bold and share your failures along with your successes as well the turning points and crises you experienced along your journey.


Watch the films featuring the 2018 winners on YouTube


You must be 18 years or older and resident of the United States during time of submission. Winners must execute a media, marketing and photo release. The decisions of the selection committee are final.


Submissions accepted through March 10, 2019!

Winners notified by - March 31, 2019

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